Woodcraft: The ancient Art of mankind

Published: 21st September 2011
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Woodcraft: The ancient Art of mankind

The production of decorative frames, fine sculptures, and odd shapes is possible by Woodcraft, while this is not true for other media such as , ceramic, metal, and glass.The ability of forming wood is entirely different from sculpting other substances.

For sure wood was one of the first materials used by old age human beings. In northern Germany and Denmark, wooden chairs found to testify for this.

Among the first findings of wooden hunting equipments is the spears from Schöningen Germany .Until Neolithic times carved wooden vessels were well known from the linearbandkeramic wells at Kückhofen and Eythra.Also wooden animal statues found in Germany from the Iron Age at the site of Fellbach-Schmieden..In France in a sanctuary at the source of the Seine one could find Wooden idols belonging to La Tène period.

Two ancient civilizations who developed the woodworking to the stage of artistic level were the Egyptians and the Chinese.

The preservation of wood worked furniture in tombs has been credited to ancient Egyptian, as well as being shown in many ancient Egyptian drawings.

A wooden horse-drawn chariot unearthed from a Han Dynasty tomb

Crafting and shaping wooden human images get to its peak in year (206 BC-AD 220),at the time of Han Dynasty, as the finding of more than statuettes found in one of the tombs in Hunan's Changsha witness for that. The founding’s included the woodcrafts of dancers ,archers, acrobats ,charioteers, and many different animals. Apparently this burial custom continued until the feudal period.

It was in 2004 when archeologists discovered six tombs close to the west portion of yellow river near to Landau Village in Shaanxi's Hunching , China. A good source to direct you to more info is:


One of the tombs namely queen's tomb contained the remnants of five wooden horse drawn chariots, and four 80-c m-tall ornately carved and red colored wooden figurine in the posture of a charioteer.

These statuettes showing the famous terracotta warriors of Qinshihuang's tomb predate to about five hundred years. As far as the history shows these are the oldest of woodcraft work that have been excavated from the earth so far. The greatest secret of all Chinese Woodcraft was the ability to develop the techniques for fitting the wood works so exact that didn’t require any holdings such as glue or nails.

Woodcraft Magazine describe the greatest of the ancient woodcraft artists to be a Chinese couple named Lu Ban and his wife Lady Yun, who developed chalk line and plane, and other tools in China.

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